Cory Homer for Delaware Valley School Board

| 26 Feb 2015 | 01:15

    To the Editor:
    The Delaware Valley district has a chance to elect an outstanding candidate in Cory Homer to the school board. During his years at Lebanon Valley College, where I first met Mr. Homer, he not only matured in the classroom as a fine student, but also off-campus, where he volunteered at a local school mentoring at-risk students. He also honed his natural leadership skills and worked as a team-player during his college and semi-pro football careers. After graduation, he earned an advanced degree and is currently working as at Sussex Community College, where he directs the assessment of institutional and educational goals. I recently witnessed his passion for mentorship and student success at an invited talk he gave to current students at his alma mater.

    What do these experiences say about Cory Homer's potential as a school board member? It is evidence that he possess the valuable qualities necessary for a member of the school board. He is bright and accomplished. He is a leader and collaborator. He is community-oriented. He is dedicated to student success, having spent volunteer time and his professional career towards that end.

    Mr. Homer, with the professional background to be informed about educational success, with a commitment to the community, and with the right attitude to collaborate with board members, will be a devoted advocate for a better educational experience for students in the district.

    Please, elect Cory Homer to this important position on the Delaware Valley School Board.

    Michael B. Kitchens
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Lebanon Valley College