Crazy driving concerns

| 29 May 2022 | 07:50

    Dear Editor,

    with all the problems facing us, as usual they are caused by people. We constantly hear municipalities crying poor mouth. We don’t have any money for anything. Well, here is a simple solution. Have your police officers actually work, instead of sitting in their cars looking at a cell phone. I know this to be true, as I was a police/crime reporter for a large suburban Philadelphia newspaper for 30 years. And before people think I am slamming cops, not so. Working with them firsthand, I know the nonsense they contend with.

    The driving climate today is more akin to the Daytona 500 than the serenity of the Poconos I remember growing up here. Every day, I, and other motorists, have to deal with tailgaters, drivers who cut us off and even passing on the right to get to McDonalds. The speeding on Route 209 between Milford and Matamoras is out of control. Recently, I was driving the speed limit, yeah, there’s a speed limit, on 209. Someone was tailgating me at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. I always hit my car’s brakes or weave like I’m drunk to make the offender back off. He did, but then returned. He then passed me at better than 70 mph. This happens many times near the daycare center across from Milford Chrysler. Imagine if a vehicle full of kids gets slammed by an idiot driver? There are no legal passing zones on the three lane. Come on police, do your job. You get overtime because you have to show up for court. Most importantly, drivers remain safe.

    George Mattar

    Milford, PA