Dennis Brink is the most qualified, compassionate public servant

| 20 Oct 2021 | 02:47

    To the Editor:

    We are most fortunate to have Dennis Brink as Dingman Township Supervisor. As a lifelong resident of the township, who also owns a local business, is a combat veteran and devoted servant of our armed forces, first responders and his family, Dennis Brink has no peers leading Dingman Township.

    In the current year alone, $320,000 was obtained for reimbursement of 24/7 ambulance services and the expansion of emergency medical support. More than 300 acres of township parks were created through $1,272,000 of Pennsylvania state grants.

    Here’s hoping we will be lucky again to have Dennis Brink as the most qualified, compassionate and concerned public servant.

    Lisa and Matthew Winkler

    Dingman Township