Disappointed in Ruby and Guccini

| 28 Apr 2015 | 02:37

    To the Editor:
    As a voter in Pike County, I am disappointed in Dave Ruby and Steve Guccini. Their stance on recycling in Pike County shows that they really don’t understand how to govern. It seems to me that they tried to make something out of nothing and it totally backfired. Their letter to the editor was filled with misinformation and I feel like they were intentionally trying to mislead us as voters.

    Rich Caridi and Matt Osterberg are obvious choices to remain on as commissioners, but someone will need to serve with them. My choice would be Jay Tucker, whom I have known and respected for years and who taught my son in school.

    After this latest debacle by Ruby-Guccini, I think the Democrats need to find a different candidate, one that hasn’t been misleading voters with letters to the editor like Ruby and Guccini. Who wrote their letter anyway? Nick Troiano, or Dave Ruby, or Steve Guccini? Ruby and Guccini signed it, but another article said that Troiano sent it in.

    I don’t know about you, but all of this leaves me not trusting Ruby or Guccini.

    John Wells
    Dingmans Ferry