Dr. Oz deserves your vote

| 21 Oct 2022 | 10:26

    Dr. Oz deserves your vote in November. Initially I did not know a lot about his political views but I did some research and found out he has taken a firm stand as pro life, pro second amendment and pro individual freedom from government intrusion. He has stood up to the currently ruling authorities and is telling the truth about COVID-19. He won’t be afraid to take on the medical establishment to reduce the cost of expensive prescription drugs and skyrocketing medical bills.

    No politician will ever deliver 100% of what each individual would like to see in an elected official, but when you look around and see how our state and our country have been destroyed in the past four years, ask yourself this: Which candidate will put America first, bravely fight for our freedoms and tell it like it is? Not Fetterman; the lieutenant governor has two official duties, to serve as the president of the State Senate and as the chairman of the Board of Pardons. For this he receives a salary of $169,451. He has failed miserably at both. Fetterman failed to preside over the Board of Pardons meetings 33% of the time in 2019 & 2020, attended only 50% of the meetings in 2021 and 44% of the meetings in 2022. With respect to his duties to preside over the State Senate, twice he was removed from the Senate floor for failing to follow the Senate rules and conducting the hearings in a partisan manner. Sen. Corman was quoted at the time as saying, “When you don’t follow the rules, anarchy and chaos will follow,” but maybe that’s the Fetterman game plan, get out there and wave your pro pot, “don’t tread on weed” flag and hope that chaos and anarchy follow. Pennsylvanians deserve better. That’s why I am voting for Dr. Oz and I hope you do too.

    Lynn Homer