| 10 Jul 2024 | 10:57

    Darwin enlightened us about his natural science views on our world. We, as animals, need to make choices over survival or death as a species. We observe other animals protecting their elderly or ill. We also see that lone animal drifting away from their social group to pass away in a sad solitary death.

    Our athletes, examples of passion, physical endurance and priceless sound health, are celebrated and to some revered. Likewise, we observe our entertainers singing, acting and or with beauty and joy brighten our days. We, with unconditional love, recall sitting on the laps of our grandparents, if we were so fortunate. To some of us, old Saint Nick, Santa Claus, Buddha like elder, or other symbol of wisdom and fulfilled life warms us and aids us on our journeys forward.

    The United States is our old friend. Uncle Sam is our gramps. We love them deeply and with unconditional loyalty and fidelity we fight and die for them. We keep photographs, mementos and even clothing or furniture of our beloved elders. We relish the concepts and beliefs encircling legacy to secure or achieve our own prosperity.

    Those of us who are blessed fight valiantly to obtain and sustain physical plus mental health. We purchase medical insurance, gym memberships or athletic equipment to achieve fitness and vitality. Some of us purchase weaponry and practice with it to sustain a self confidence that we may have level of confident self-defense. We all seek be strong and our fittest.

    Our elected officials are just like us. They possess survival desires similar to our own. Our elected are the Alphas and Betas of our packs, our social groupings. Yes, our social dynamics adjust, sadly at times dramatically reposition or even instinctively decimate within our groups. We, as Americans and global citizens are at a visual, social, political and historical crossroads.

    Each of us need to choose the American future. There are many general and additionally personal questions to be answered. We all have needs, our wants may be required to be placed aside. We must take the time to learn about our truest and purest needs prior to making any judgments.

    Our upcoming American elections are our country’s most historic decision. The world is observing us. Each American, of voting age, is critical at an American personal level and at the American and therefore global level. We are educated that we are the fittest, the strongest nation and people. History and recent times challenge those beliefs or assumptions.

    Finally, we speak of Woke, Cancel and Progress, we need to speak of America from a state of survival. Basics, simplicity and reality need to be addressed, debated and accepted or re-created. America needs a new Declaration of Independence. We need to regroup, to redesign or recapture how America may continue to be or reposition how to sustain its fitness for survival. Love, peace and mutual admiration, respect and trust in your and our future voting choices.

    Kevin Holian

    Dingman Township