‘Follow the science’

| 23 Nov 2021 | 04:33

    To the Editor:

    I would like to congratulate Pam Lutfy, Jessica Decker, Felicia Sheehan and Derek Smith for winning the school board elections and a big thank you to the voters for making this possible. This was a tremendous win for all of us and we trust that you will continue to collaborate with families and serve our children well.

    As we reflect back on the last few months including the election, mask mandates, lawsuits, and the never-ending ugliness on social media, it is quite obvious there is yet another divide that exists here in Pike, just like everywhere else in this country; between those that believe we should have a say in our own medical choices and those that believe we should trust whatever we are being told and to follow that leadership without asking any questions.

    I have read so many times, why don’t we just follow the science? Why can’t we just trust the so-called leaders that are recommending (and now mandating) that we take this vaccine, no exceptions? It doesn’t even matter what our own doctors might be advising us. We just need to trust what they say because they know better and don’t dare ask questions or face being shunned and cancelled.

    Let me ask this: Why is it so hard to understand that we have legitimate concerns? Why mandate a fairly new vaccine that not only has less than 5 years of safety data but is also non-sterilizing and doesn’t stop transmission? Why did the CDC stop collecting data on natural immunity so early on? Why is this group forced to take the vaccine when it hasn’t been proven to be medically necessary and may in fact be more protective than the vaccine? Why did the CDC recommend this vaccine to all children when the FDA clearly states they don’t know the long term effects and the risk can outweigh the benefit for healthy children and/or children that already had Covid? The so-called science is all right there, in black and white, you just have to take the time to actually read through it and you may then better understand the hesitation.

    As someone who is pro-science, pro-vaccine, CV19 vaccinated and was subsequently sick with Covid, I share the same morals, values and ethics as my peers and support medical freedom and choice. Yes, we all have choices to make but our concerns deserve to be heard and no one should be losing their job or forced to homeschool for asking these very valid questions. The fight for answers, and our rights, must continue.

    Liz Nagle