How grateful I am to have Sean Strub as my mayor

| 21 Sep 2021 | 12:49

    To the Editor:

    This has been an unusual four years, but an especially tough 15 months. Ongoing Covid. Extreme weather. A time when trusted information and leadership are essential.

    Over the past four years Sean Strub’s Milford Borough news emails have kept us up on issues and happenings in Milford. But they became most important for safety these past 15 months. The Milford Covid Volunteer Task Force site on Facebook, which continues, has been a trusted source of information, a place to post questions reliably answered. “Call the Doctor” Zooms with Sean and Dr. Doug Manion have been invaluable to learn current facts, get questions answered, get reassurance.

    Preceding major ice and snow events this past winter, Sean sent out bulletins and weather forecast sites. Though some 20 inches of snow or more fell in places, services continued. Streets were cleared. Garbage picked up. Notices of any schedule changes sent out.

    Through all of this life in the borough went on. Functioned. And now it begins to come back to life. The outdoor music festival. Opera in the Park. The Milford Enhancement Committee auction under a tent. The Black Bear Film Festival in October.

    Signs of fall are everywhere. Soon comes the November election. We in Milford have been fortunate. For four years we’ve had a mayor in Sean Strub who has worked hard to keep us informed, to keep things running, even through extreme circumstances, who keeps us safe. As I think back over his time in office, it runs through my mind, repeatedly, how lucky and grateful I am to have Sean Strub as my mayor. And I will cast my mail-in ballot to be lucky enough to have him again. I hope we all do.

    Kate Horan