I know Ron Schmalzle

| 05 Oct 2023 | 11:32

    To the Editor:

    I met Ron Schmalzle 35 years ago when my wife and I bought a home in the Masthope Mountain community where Ron and his brother Randy ran the management team. I became active as a board member and got to know Ron as a trustworthy business colleague who was always true to his word. I was also impressed that he treated his employees as valued team members, and not just ”workers.”

    As I got to know Ron personally, we had many discussions, and sometimes debates, about important political issues -- something I would normally avoid doing because most people are locked into seeing everything through a partisan lens. But with Ron, a “true blue,” or should I say, “true red” conservative Republican, he was always open to considering different points of view.

    I now own a home in Milford and am writing this in support of his re-election campaign as a Pike County Commissioner. It is my opinion that the best people for political office are those who have first achieved success and shown integrity in the real world. Ron Schmalzle and his running mate, Matt Osterberg, are such people and deserve our support.

    John Castellano