I know what the prothonotary office requires, and how to make it better

| 08 May 2023 | 07:43

    Dear Taxpayers and Residents of Pike County:

    My name is Linda Demergis and I am a candidate for Pike County prothonotary/clerk of courts. I am writing to you in an effort to clear up some statements that have been made along the campaign trail.

    My opponent has publicly stated at several meet the candidate events that, although she has no direct experience in the office of the prothonotary, should she win the primary, she would shadow the current prothonotary/clerk of courts to learn about the position.

    Having worked in the prothonotary office for 15 years before moving to the public defender’s office, I thought this would not be appropriate due to the sensitive information this office handles, so I made an official inquiry regarding the ability to “shadow in the prothonotary department.” No one is sure if anyone is permitted to be in the department prior to taking the oath of office, due to the highly sensitive nature of the information the office handles on a daily basis. Further, not being elected and sworn in for the office would also mean that anyone shadowing in the office would not be covered under the county’s insurance, thus creating unnecessary liability exposure for the county and the taxpayers.

    The office of the prothonotary should not be a political position and does not allow for on-the-job training as it is a fast-paced environment which deals with very sensitive information for the residents of Pike County.

    I know what the office requires and how to make it function better and I have the commitment, drive, and professionalism to administer the office more efficiently and with more accountability.

    Thank you for taking a moment from your busy day to consider how important my experience in the office of the prothonotary/clerk of courts is to the future success and improvement in the position.

    Feel free to reach out to me at ldmrgs@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

    I am excited to have an opportunity to serve the people of Pike County in this office again, this time as their elected prothonotary/clerk of courts, and I hope I’ve earned your vote.

    Linda Demergis

    Candidate for Office of Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts