I'm crossing party lines to support Tonkin

| 14 May 2015 | 02:34

    To the Editor:
    Pike County Democrats don't have a candidate for District Attorney in the primary election yet. So, as a registered Democrat, I will be writing in the name of Ray Tonkin for District Attorney on the Democratic primary ballot on May 19. I want to share my reasons for doing this, and ask all registered Democrats to join me.

    The job of the Pike County District Attorney is to prosecute criminals and win. Ray Tonkin is a highly competent, experienced District Attorney who has a 100 percent capital crime conviction rate, and a stunning 97 percent conviction rate in other, non-capital criminal cases. We are now being asked to unseat a proven law-and-order incumbent prosecutor to make room for a civil court attorney. I do not see how a civil court attorney could beat the astounding prosecution record of the incumbent District Attorney. There is no reason to saddle our communities with a less qualified District Attorney, especially in light of the upcoming murder trial which must be successfully prosecuted to bring justice to the family of our slain State Trooper. Republican infighting and political power grabs are not good enough reasons for this County to be represented by anything less than the best qualified prosecutor.

    If you are a registered Democrat, please join me in writing in the name of Ray Tonkin for DA on May 19 so that we can preserve our opportunity to vote for a competent Pike County District Attorney in the November general election.

    Neil P. Barmann
    Lords Valley