In defense of the Unification Church

| 22 Jun 2022 | 08:32

    Dear Editor:

    Regarding Ed Gragert’s letter, last week, where is “inclusiveness, appreciation of diversity and tolerance” in what you said about my church and its founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as you try to use Jan 6th in a blatant attempt to try to hurt our church, digging up events from 45 years ago?

    Rev. Sun Myung Moon said, “A person’s fundamental heart and character are formed in the family. The family is the starting point of love, character, and life.” Is there anything about those values that “undermines” America as you accuse our church of doing?

    Too many of the angry young people who rioted 574 times last summer, destroyed billions in property and injured thousands of law enforcement personnel come from broken homes. As Larry Elder, Herschel Walker and many other leaders in our minority communities have repeatedly pointed out:

    absent fathers and broken families are the cause of the lawlessness we are seeing among too many young people today.

    I remember the extreme Leftist Donald Fraser leading his Sub-Committee on International Organizations in 1977 (Do you really have to reach back 45 years to attack people who in many cases weren’t even born then?)

    Fraser was the Adam Schiff of his day, leaking and promising “big news” to the media, but delivering nothing. His constituents recognized the hearings as a naked power grab and dumped him in his next election. No, the work you did for the religious bigots on that committee did NOT have anything to do with Rev. Moon’s going to jail for income tax evasion.

    Rev. Moon returned to the USA from Korea to face charges of not paying taxes on interest income from donated funds held on behalf of our church members. He offered to pay the taxes, the IRS refused because they had a political agenda. (Even back in 1978!) Professor Lawrence Tribe, no conservative himself, strongly criticized this case and 40 *amicus curiae* briefs were filed in defense of Rev. Moon. Rev. Joseph Lowry, a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, marched with Black Clergy in defense of Rev. Moon. They recognized the racist motivations of prosecuting an Asian man for doing what white ministers and Catholic priests in America do all the time, hold property for their religion beneficially or as a trustee for the Unification Church.

    Rev. Moon was recognized as a model prisoner while serving his sentence and while in prison founded *The Washington Times*, so that the capital of the free world could have at least one conservative news source to give politicians a conservative viewpoint to balance their views. Cost, over $2 BILLION in losses over the last 45 years.

    Rev. Moon, an Asian man who didn’t speak English dared to come here “like a fireman” as he described it, “because your house is on fire.” He explained that values are learned in the family : honesty, tolerance, loyalty, and respect. He prophesied that if America did not repent and return to traditional family values, our country would suffer even as Israel suffered when it turned away from God.

    We don’t “glorify the AR-15” and other “military weapons” (whatever that means I don’t know). More lies. Yes, we did “peacefully and patriotically” demonstrate with 2 million other peaceful and patriotic Americans on January 6th. Of those present, 95% did nothing wrong. NONE of those in our group entered the Capitol.

    How many self identified conservatives participate in your “non-party affiliated organization?” Delaware Valley Action. I haven’t seen you do anything in support of conservative values or causes. Really? “non-party affiliated?”

    So be careful who you throw the word “cult” at, because your neighbor could be a member, your judge could be a member, your principal in your elementary school might be a member. Fortunately, we still have religious freedom in America and SOME of us still believe there is freedom of speech, although it is under heavy attack by people like you, who don’t like it when people like us peacefully and patriotically protest.


    Regis Hanna, Media Coordinator for Sanctuary Church