In support of Marian Keegan

| 07 Oct 2020 | 11:49

    As Nov. 3, Election Day, quickly approaches, it is crucial to consider what is truly important for us as Americans and as concerned citizens. Living in the Poconos with its beautiful natural surroundings can lull you into thinking we are living in a paradise; but look closely and you will see great needs in our communities, our paradise! Health care must be a primary concern for all of us, young and old alike! Our counties are in desperate need for their own ambulances (right now only the townships have their own ambulances) and health care centers and medical facilities-many of our centers have closed and moved out! We need Planned Parenthood to return and be a strong presence in our communities, not just to protect abortion rights but also to provide much needed critical health care. We must pay attention to alternate methods of voting in this pandemic era and voting from home is a great convenient safe option.

    Please support Democrat Marian Keegan’s candidacy for the Representative to PA 139 district and she will not only advance all the above mentioned vital community concerns, she will champion our causes and make our communities match our beautiful natural surroundings with a healthy environment.

    Vote Democratic. Vote for Marian Keegan!

    Janet Mayer

    Lord’s Valley