It's time for leadership in Pike County

| 15 May 2015 | 06:35

    To the Editor:
    It is time for leadership in Pike County, and we support Dave Ruby and Steve Guccini.

    Reading the news and letters to the editors, one would assume that most of us are divided along political party lines. However, many may actually be like us — we vote for people, especially in local elections, not parties. We have been registered at one time or another in both parties. We have an opportunity for fresh faces and change in our county government. We want to take it.

    We are fortunate to have an excellent group of candidates, all with fine qualities and differing backgrounds. To us, Ruby and Guccini stand out as an excellent team, with complimentary skills and backgrounds, and the more we hear, the more we like them.

    Ed and Kathe Brannon