Kids selling doughnuts? Our school leaders can do much better.

| 10 Nov 2021 | 04:29

    To the Editor:

    Okay, I am all for supporting our kids in their school fundraising efforts. But who comes up what they are to sell?

    Our country is facing its worst cases of diabetes and obesity with heart conditions a leading killer next to cancer. So why are we having our children sell globs of lard and fat covered with sugar things called doughnuts? These are one of the worst things you can eat!

    Instead, how about a fruit basket put together of local apples, pears, plums, etc.? Or have them sell LED light bulbs and healthy things. What kind of messages are we sending to our children when they think it is good to push something that will lead to a shortening of life and misery?

    Let’s work on showing them how to prevent these conditions instead of promoting them, okay?

    Our school leaders can do much better than doughnuts next time.

    Jeff Braisted