Let’s review where we are on the Milford sewer issue

| 30 Sep 2020 | 09:57

To the Editor:

For a while now, those of us under the Pike Citizens for Responsible Growth (PCRG) umbrella have been commenting on the introduction of sewers into Milford Borough’s commercial district.

So let’s take the time to review where we are...

1. The central question is whether sewers at this time are a net positive for Milford’s future, since everyone, who values living here, is affected.

The answer is maybe, which raises the widening debate of whether we should, or whether we shouldn’t.

2. Some of the issues at stake are business viability (for the larger businesses), upfront and recurring costs (for smaller businesses and some private property owners), ever-increasing traffic and parking congestion from over-development, diminution of the town’s character and charm and its effect on tourism, the present and future solutions of septic technology, the net gain/loss for the environment, and the counter-intuitive effect on Milford’s well-established stature as “The Birthplace of the American Conservation Movement” through the national prominence of Gifford Pinchot and Grey Towers.

3. Each one of these issues, and others, can be gone into at length, which we will do in the coming weeks. In the meantime, PCRG believes we as a community should know what we’re getting into.

Bill Kiger

Fred Weber