Letter to Democrats

| 18 Oct 2022 | 06:45

    If you voted in the 2020 election, you are by now wondering what happened to your party. When did the Democratic Party become the Progressive Socialist party? You are probably sitting around your kitchen table talking about inflation, rising energy costs, higher food bills, & the sorry state of your child’s education and their diminishing future prospects. The champions of “defund the police” neglected to mention that the real world effect of all their promises to save your soul, the environment, and your communities would do nothing of the sort, yet cost you dearly.

    I can tell you what happened. You got played. Despite what the mainstream media would like you to believe, reasonable Americans want the same things. We want to be treated with dignity and respect, we want crime-free streets, economic prosperity, the right to worship God without government interference, to visit our elderly and bury them without restrictions, and to have our voices heard, even if others may disagree. We believe that a parent’s right to shape their child’s life and instill values is our right, and not the government’s. But in this “New Normal”, these & other rights have been denied.

    This country is in desperate need of a course correction. The Democratic Party of today and our country, is being run by a handful of elites, hell-bent on tearing down our nation, or alternatively, offering it for sale to the highest bidder.

    You have an opportunity in this election to make vital change. We have moved too far to the left, and what was once regarded as the land of opportunity is rapidly becoming the land of diminishing returns. Your vote in November will determine whether we move back to a reasonable middle space or move towards the precipice of unimaginable consequences.

    Matthew J. Contreras

    Milford Township