Letter to the Editor: Recycling info kudos

| 28 Jun 2023 | 12:27

    Dear editor,

    Bravo to your staff for the detailed series on recycling. One of the largest offenders is plastic water bottles. There are thousands littering Pike County roads.

    The water in Milford Borough is among the best in the world. I grew up in Milford nearly 70 years ago and the water is as good now as my childhood. For you uninformed consumers, bottled water is not regulated and many times just bottled from municipal supplies. You are wasting money and adding to the garbage problem. Simply look at the label and you might learn something.

    For 30 years, I lived in Bucks County and remember quiet Tullytown Borough until 1993, when Waste Management came in and built a landfill. Today, it is closed, but stands 40 stories tall.

    My wife and I throw out very little garbage. One of the biggest problems is consumers buy too many pre-packaged items rather than fruits and vegetables.

    Anyway, great job on educating people before we are buried in garbage.

    George Mattar

    Milford, PA