Letter to the editor. Thank you for helping

| 20 Mar 2023 | 03:21

    To the editor:

    Thank you Matt Osterberg and Ron Schmalzle, Pike County Commissioners, for all your great work in the Borough and the County, especially for helping me by making the Wayne Tickborne Disease Center possible. Matt and Ron and those they worked with on this project made a normal life possible for me again.

    I discovered in August 2021, while in my home town of Milford for the summer, that I had Lyme disease for two years that was not diagnosed by my regular doctors. I suffered brain fog, light-headed vertigo, and deep fatigue for those two years. Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Tickborne Disease Center, an initiative Matt and Ron as County Commissioners spearheaded and made possible, diagnosed me and the Pike County Family Health Center in Lords Valley treated me. I am now free of the symptoms although, like the Shingles virus, Lyme will always be with me.

    Matt and Ron really know how to get things done that help people and make Milford and Pike County better and better. Please help Matt and Ron keep up the good work in Pike County.

    Tyler Travis

    Florida Sunbird who summers in Shohola, PA