Letter to the Editor: Water, not warehouse

| 16 May 2023 | 02:38

    It is important that the residents of Milford Borough and Township are aware that there is a public hearing on Monday, May 22 at 6 p.m. concerning the proposed mega-warehouse to be located on Rte. 6 at the Rte. 84 Milford exit.

    As we know, many towns are battling these warehouses for fear of the truck traffic, inadequate infrastructure to accommodate, pollution, probable proliferation and any other number of potential problems. Our situation presents a much larger and potentially catastrophic problem. This mega-warehouse building site is located directly on top of the heart of the Milford Aquifer. This Aquifer is shallow and partially exposed, which means contaminants can enter very easily into the drinking water source for Milford Borough and parts of Milford Township. A study proved that it would take eight hours for pollutants entering the aquifer at this site to reach the Borough’s drinking water.

    If you find this alarming, if you want to voice your opinion or concerns, want to find out more, please take this opportunity to attend the public hearing at the Delaware Valley High School auditorium on Monday, May 22 at 6 p.m. This is a monumentally important issue for the residents of Milford and surrounding area and should not happen without the taxpayers and stakeholders/residents being completely aware of the repercussions.

    Marie Liu