Local officials need term limits too

| 10 May 2023 | 09:25

    To the Editor:

    Term limits apply to those above the county level. Term limits were set by our first president, George Washington, who stated that two terms as president is enough because we live in a democracy, not a monarchy.

    When term limits are placed in presidential and semi-presidential systems, they act as a method of curing the potential for a monarch, where a leader effectively becomes “king for life.” Unfortunately, we do not have term limits at the local and county levels. Some questions have come to light about local and county elected officials. Some officials remain in office for very long periods of time, as much as 20 years or more, creating a monarchy or monopoly.

    Why do some individuals and businesses directly fund these same officials for their next election? Sponsoring them with money to gain re-election. Some of these positions are for non-paying official offices. You heard that right. They sponsor these elected officials, paying directly into their campaign, to become re-elected for both paid and unpaid official positions. The question is why?

    Other people, everyday people, running for the same office must pay out of their own pockets to run against these officials. Is this the reason these officials stay in office for 20-plus years? Do they create multiple financial relationships with individuals and businesses, giving them passes or favors in exchange for re-election sponsorship? This only gives them an automatic edge against those who may want to run against them and may be better suited for the position. It is hard to understand the true intentions of these sponsors and the reason for the re-election.

    Should officials hold office for long periods at our local and county levels? How long have your local officials held office, and what is their record of accomplishment?

    If there aren’t laws to protect our local communities from this, we must be the ones to vote for change. Choose your new local candidates. These individuals are paying out of pocket and running against your long-elected officials who are sponsored, some knowing they will not be going into a paid position once elected.

    Real change will be made by these new local candidates! We will see you at the polls.

    Thank you for voting.

    Cal Damon

    Dingman Township