Looking forward to another lovely evening under the stars

| 01 Sep 2021 | 04:11

    To the Editor:

    If you missed the performance of “Live from the Lounge” at the Dingmans Ferry Theatre at Akenac Park last weekend, you truly missed something special, what a fabulous evening of entertainment under the stars.

    Mr. Manfredonia belted out Frank Sinatra tunes as if he somehow was channeling the legend himself. The other performers were equally amazing and sang songs that brought back memories from a long time ago in my life, songs I had almost forgotten about, what a joy it was to hear them again!

    But the most surprising part was this strong sense of community that I felt by just being there, I saw friends and neighbors I hadn’t seen in a long while and just a lot of folks and families who just needed to be out, it’s been a tough year and a half for all of us, and this event was an enjoyable break.

    My reason for writing this letter Ms. Editor is to publicly thank the Dingmans Ferry Theatre for being and doing this, it was welcomed, appreciated, and needed. As my wife and I lay on our backs gazing at the starry night while Ms. Albrecht and Ms. Ford performed one of our favorite Fleetwood Mac songs it happened: there it was, a shooting star! Nature’s magic, at just the right moment! How cool is that.

    Truly a lovely evening, which we hope to repeat soon.

    Francis Dougherty

    Dingmans Ferry