Love task force

| 04 Jan 2024 | 12:40

    Our biological or adopted families are only so big. We leave our family to seek friends, partners and spouses. On this journey of expanding our family, inner group or social circle we learn what we like or dislike. Our government observes our journey and provides a process to marry, divorce, and create social organizations. We created military branches and justice systems to protect our social circles.

    Our society allows us to dislike certain foods, insects or animals. Yes, we can even say we hate that tick, rattler, or spider. We can also though learn the benefits of those items we dislike or fear. Our schools can or do educate us.

    Our dating process is a unique approach to finding that special one. If we fail, we can divorce or partake in counseling. Talk can heal lost likes and loves. Education helps us figure out what we like or dislike.

    Many of us were taught hate births from ignorance or fear due to esteem or other issues. I, for one, would rather smile and laugh with family, partners, spouses, and social circles. Hate is easily jumped to, yet physically with blood pressure costs your body too much. Love, especially during this holiday season, warms the heart.

    Kevin Holian

    Dingman Township