Marian Keegan is a tenacious and knowledgeable candidate

| 20 Apr 2022 | 12:14

    My friend Marian Keegan is running to be our State Rep. for PA 139. I enthusiastically supported her when she ran in 2020, and although she did not win that election, she performed decidedly well despite covid lockdowns and heavy partisan division, proving to be a tenacious and knowledgeable candidate.

    Since then she has put her time to good use, continuing to educate herself about state legislation and local issues, refining her approach and message. She is well versed in state politics and how that impacts our quality of life here in NEPA. The environment, economic development, education, equality and funding are issues that require honest representation to achieve a delicate balance that meets everyone’s needs.

    She is ‘pounding the pavement’ in her efforts to engage with all her potential constituents regardless of their ideology or status. Her desire to bridge the gap between the parties is a difficult and courageous endeavor, but one that she understands the importance of. Continuing the vitriol that is so pervasive can only serve to degrade our communities, so she is taking the high ground to become a leader that is honorable and fair.

    Her approach is not filled with fire and fury, but of a calm, thoughtful and knowledgeable place of confident leadership and representation. I invite you to learn about and support Marian Keegan, running for PA State Representative for the 139th District.

    Marie Liu