Mayor Strub has the right vision and plan

| 06 Oct 2021 | 04:51

    To the Editor:

    As owner of a private residence and well as a commercial property in Milford Borough since 1988, I can attest to the effectiveness of Sean Strub as our mayor.

    Nothing happens on its own. So many correct decisions are made in every aspect of life in Milford Borough that will enhance the desirability of Milford being a great place to live.

    Mayor Strub has taken us beyond being not just an ordinary Pennsylvania borough but a special place where people want to visit. That takes a vision and a plan. Visitors support local businesses. Local businesses pay taxes. With a good tax-paying base, Milford thrives.

    Drive around the area and you can see other towns that are less desirable. To avoid turning Milford into something less desirable, I urge everyone to re-elect Mayor Strub.

    Reggie Cheong-Leen