New Republican flags set new community standards

| 05 Apr 2021 | 06:24

    To the Editor:

    Congratulations Republicans! The flying of your most recent obnoxious flag message in my neighborhood: “F**K Biden and F**K you if you voted for him” sets a new community standard for political discourse. Added to your commitment to telling the truth and your January 6 sterling example for political rallies, you have now created an unfettered political climate — in our face — every day.

    The new flags will generate an enormous catalyst for meaningful discourse about the important issues facing us. I just wish you had taken steps to inform the viewing public about the exact content on your flags, so we could have prepared our preschool and elementary school students with some vocabulary lessons. Then, they too could understand your bold and patriotic slogans. Now they have to ask mommy and daddy what F**K means and if they too will be receiving that treatment since mommy and daddy voted for Biden.

    I can hardly wait for your next enhancement to the political climate. What will it be? How about some real theater? Maybe a cross burning! There is nothing quite like a nice warm fire for those chilly evenings. Or maybe a few shotgun blasts would add some multimedia pizazz to your rampant sign theft programs. Nothing like a Second Amendment statement that has real purpose.

    I am just so glad you have added your new visual reminder to my neighborhood. Now I have no doubt over the quality of persons we are dealing with.

    David de Wit

    Hampton Township