| 19 Mar 2024 | 11:17

    We observe the strangest behavior on a daily basis. People rarely follow societal rules. Blatant disregard for road signs, entry or exit door signs, internet application rules, filling out government forms and of course kids with parents. The adage, now the banner slogan, rules are to be broken is today strange yet normal behavior.

    It is now normal to see drivers not using headlights when wipers are on. Everyone enters the exit doors at Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. We all know those businesses and trolls who use fake account names. Pike County Facebook users know that USMC veteran who lied on a federal form to get old and wrong records about a fellow veteran.

    We observe how hate, arrogance and all negative emotions create the most bizarre behaviors. Current and recent presidents display activity that fuels the routines of our observational comedians. Local conservationists are observed trying to convince capitalism not to occur in Pike. We observe parents fighting about what liberty means for their entitled rug rats or their great offspring.

    An amazing observational journey are the comments to our Letters to the Editor. We see an old geezer wheezing philosophically or just borish. Then there are the trolls. Lastly, there are the debaters for the sake of argument.

    Life is full of observations. Dogs learn from observing us. Humans can learn, judge, or simply remain ignorant from observing, or not. My observation, of our Courier, Dispatch, River Reporter and Herald or News is we need more deep dive observations. Pike County needs to observe what is happening to it. Observe, conserve, preserve and work to help Pike sustain what it observably deserves.

    Kevin Holian

    Dingman Township