Olsommer opposes marriage equality

| 10 Jul 2024 | 10:59

    Representative Jeff Olsommer has only been in office for a few months and he is showing exactly how he will serve the 139th if elected to a full term in November — by ignoring the rights and needs of our District.

    On July 2, Representative Jeff Olssomer voted against House Bill 2269, a bill that would help protect same-sex marriage in the Commonwealth. Mr. Olsommer voted against this despite many members of his own party voting in support of this legislation. Mr. Olsommer has also ignored calls and emails from his constituents asking for an explanation for this vote.

    According to the UCLA Williams Institute, Pike County has the highest concentration of same-sex couples compared to every other county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Wayne County is ninth on that list. I have been married for nine years to my wonderful husband, and in the face of growing calls from the far right to roll back marriage rights — along with many other LGBTQ rights — I now know, and many of his constituents now know, where Mr. Olsommer stands when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

    John Hellman

    Dingman Township