Pedestrians must also abide by the law

| 28 Apr 2015 | 12:48

To the Editor:
Is anyone one else fed up with arrogant people demanding you stop for them anywhere on the road? It seems what started out as a good idea has gone bad, like so many others. If we are to abide by the state "law" or be fined for not doing so, perhaps its time to enforce all the Pennsylvania pedestrian laws.

In a place without traffic signals, vehicles must give right of way to pedestrian in a crosswalk or at an intersection. A pedestrian shall not suddenly walk or run into the path of a vehicle (Section 3542);

If a pedestrian is not crossing a crosswalk or intersection then the pedestrian shall yield to the vehicle. J walking is not permitted unless directed by a police officer or traffic controller (Section 3543).

John Freymuth