Protect the future of Dingman Township: Re-elect Dennis Brink

| 29 Oct 2021 | 05:30

    To the Editor:

    As a 20+ year resident of Dingman Township, Mother of a Marine-U.S. Naval Academy graduate, hoping to protect our future and strong property values, please re-elect Republican Dennis Brink as a Supervisor of Dingman Township.

    A social media group “Pike County Second Amendment Sanctuary” which Theo Balu is aligned and participates, has tried to tarnish Denny Brink’s reputation with posts stating, “When going to Vote on Nov. 2nd ask yourself one question. Why would a Republican switch to be a Democrat to try to keep his supervisor position?? The clear answer Vote Theo Balu Nov. 2nd!!!!!” “We need everyone to vote for Theo Balu to keep our township supervisor seat Republican and not let it turn Democrat!!”

    Facts: Denny Brink has not switched parties. He is a Republican written in on the Democratic ballot for his well-earned respect of both Democrats and Republicans. The author of those posts is propagating an untruth. A lie that has not been called out by Theo Balu. The real question: why would any person or group stoop to such depths so that Theo Balu could unseat the much-honored Denny Brink? Where is Balu’s “People Not Politics” message in his inaction to call out a lie?

    Veterans should be outraged over this attempt to denigrate a Viet Nam War Combat Veteran. Denny Brink is the true Patriot in this race by having put his life on the line fighting for the American Constitution and protecting all of its amendments – walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Dennis Brink’s experienced leadership, many outstanding accomplishments in Dingman and, importantly, his protection and stewardship of the public fisc need to be preserved for the future by your vote for Denny on Nov. 2nd. I ask, which candidate do you want?

    Renée Hoover