Re-elect Sean!

| 29 Oct 2021 | 05:48

    To the Editor:

    Having just returned from a delightful weekend and family gathering in Milford, I feel compelled to weigh-in on the upcoming mayoral election in my favorite Pennsylvania town.

    I grew up with my three siblings on a ridge just north of Marshall’s Creek, where several family members still live. My sister has lived in Milford for decades, and it’s where we all love to meet.

    We’ve watched Milford evolve over the years, as the sleepy little county seat became a true cultural center and a charming place to stay, dine and shop – and, of course, a great place to live! To this long-time visitor/family hybrid, Milford’s vibrant and welcoming atmosphere clearly reflects the creative and respectfully progressive leadership of Mayor Sean Strub.

    COVID-19 may have put a temporary damper on the wonderful spirit of Milford, but it would be a real shame if regressive politics were to keep that spirit from rising again – and Milford in the dark. I’ll be watching on November 2 and hoping the good people of Milford will RE-ELECT SEAN!

    Thanks for letting this Milford-lover have her say.

    JoAnn N. Ruther

    Monkton, Maryland