Regarding ‘a fateful court decision’

| 05 Jan 2024 | 11:34

    I would like to congratulate Gerard Freisinger’s entertaining use of “straw man” arguments in his letter, “A fateful court decision,” published in last week’s Pike County Courier.

    Mr. Freisinger claims that Donald Trump “admires” the leaders of North Korea, China, and Russia. The real question should be which U.S. president do the dictators of those countries respect and fear the most?

    Consider that North Korea did not dare to shoot missiles over U.S. allies, Japan and South Korea, after its leader met with President Trump, but now feels free to do so on a daily basis with our weak and feckless President Biden. President Trump imposed strong sanctions against communist China to protect American workers, which have been relaxed by China’s friend, Joe Biden, who also does nothing while fentanyl ingredients made in China continue to flood into our nation, leading to overdose deaths of more than 70,000 Americans each year. Russia did not dare to invade Ukraine while Trump was president, but did so when Joe Biden took office. It looks to me like these dictators prefer the current resident in the White House.

    Mr. Freisinger worries that his letters might be censored if Mr. Trump is re-elected. Oh, you mean like how the FBI and Department of Homeland Security under Joe Biden have been telling social media platforms like Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter which authors and posts to censor and ban?

    Joe Biden may be portrayed as harmless, but his policies have weakened and endangered our nation. The good news is that most Americans can see through propagandistic messages like Mr. Freisinger’s letter.

    Richard Panzer