Reject party politics

| 15 Jul 2015 | 05:37

    To the Editor:
    As John Lennon wrote: I'm sick to death of hearing things from uptight short sighted narrow minded Hippocrates just give me the truth. Mr. Jim Burn hides behind unfair gerrymandering as the reason that Democrats are not in control of the Government with their dominance of voter registration.

    Independent voters are the majority and they vote for the person that will do the best job not someone that just blindly followers the party boss. It has become a fact that Democrats and Republicans hate each other. This is a form of racism. Each side would gladly get rid of the other, take over and impose their views on all of us.

    When will you stop calling yourself a Democrat or a Republican and go back to being an American and start representing the interests of all of the people not just a minority that wants to take over?

    Richard Klag