Ruby and Guccini will deliver on neglected problems

| 09 Apr 2015 | 03:05

    To the Editor:
    Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve come to realize our country (and county) is nearing a precipice caused mainly by partisan politics, special interests, and government officials who no longer serve “We, the People.” As a political independent, it would therefore take a very good reason to cause me to affiliate with one of the major parties again. But that’s exactly what happened recently, and here’s why:

    Back in February, I attended an event at Mt. Haven and had the opportunity to listen to Steve Guccini and David Ruby discuss their vision for Pike County. I was impressed with the content of their presentation and their backgrounds, education and decades of public service in our community.

    Having listened to both candidates, I was inspired to change my voter registration to the Democratic Party just so I can vote for Team Ruby + Guccini in the primary election on May 19. I do not write this letter as some “Kool Aid” drinking partisan, but as a pragmatic citizen who votes based on the qualifications, leadership and vision of the specific candidates.

    How can you argue with holding commissioner meetings in various locations around the county at more accessible times to increase citizen participation and attendance?

    How can you argue with reviving a county recycling program and the benefits it will provide to our environment?

    How can you argue against the need to address the heroin epidemic trough early intervention, treatment, drug courts and a 21st century focus on crime and restorative justice?

    How can you argue against hiring county employees based on qualifications rather than party affiliation?

    Having been a Pike County employee back in the 1980’s, it is clear to me that the establishment stronghold on local government has maintained the status quo and has not been proactive on the issues. Government officials have not adequately addressed the issues of transparency, the environment and especially the heroin epidemic and the collateral consequences of delinquency, crime and impact on the family.

    Pike County is in dire need of a change in leadership, and I believe Team Ruby + Guccini will deliver.

    Jack T. Donson
    Dingmans Ferry