Ruby and Guccini will make Pike more prosperous

| 15 May 2015 | 12:29

    To the Editor:
    Having known Dave Ruby and Steve Guccini for 20-plus years, I know their commitment to the people of Pike County. With Dave and Steve working as one team, these two leaders will bring new and long lasting businesses to Pike County as Commissioners.

    Their many years of service to the people of Pike County has been proven by their commitments; Dave as a first responder and Steve as an advocate for our children. Dave is a local business leader and involved in many other civic organizations. Steve has worked with the Pike County judicial system for many years and was the first team leader of the Pike County Child Abuse Task Force. Both are men of honor and integrity.

    They have both taken leadership rolls in every organization that they have been involved in. They will do what it takes to make Pike County more prosperous and business friendly for all.

    John Clader
    Pennsylvania State Police, Lieutenant (retired)

    Blooming Grove