S.O.S. — Save our shops!

| 15 May 2020 | 05:17

    To the Editor:

    As a local business owner, I would like to know why these big chain stores — WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Dunkin Donuts — are able to operate with no question? I can understand WalMart's food section open being that is essential. But clothing and electronics? Please! That is totally nonessential. Why isn’t Alice’s Wonderland, a mom-and-pop local business who has been serving the local blue color people for many years, not allowed? Why are the big box stores mentioned above able to have 100-300 people at a time walking around aimlessly at any giving time shopping for unessential products? Something is very wrong here...

    Nothing has been said about that from our politicians. Is it because they are too big for you to battle? Let’s get back to the small businesses like my own and many others, 10-75 seat restaurants , sorry can’t come in at all! Nope, sorry, need to wait..still in the red!

    Let's see when the boards go up on the windows and property values tank. Who will feel the impact then? I’m sure many people will ask why. What could’ve and should’ve been done differently will be asked.

    Three (3) businesses having already closed in our small town , Can we afford anymore? Let’s open Milford together and be kind to the hardworking men and women of this town.

    Andrew Jorgenson

    Dimmick Inn