School board adheres to an empty and amoral political ideology

| 06 Oct 2021 | 04:49

    To the Editor:

    In attempting to ignore or circumvent state public health mandates, the radical right-wing caucus of the Delaware Valley School Board puts our school district in legal and financial jeopardy. Worst of all it would put our kids and school staff at greater risk of contracting Covid.

    For some this will mean minor symptoms; it will put others on a long and painful path to recovery with possible lifelong effects, and some will die preventable deaths.

    This is why on Nov. 2 I’ll be voting for the Student Safety First slate for school board. When elected, E.K. Guyre, John D. Johnson, and write-in candidate Meg Rosenfeld will follow the recommendations of experts in public health rather than politicizing our children’s safety.

    With reasonable people on the school board, we can rebuild DVSD back up rather than let if fail for the sake of an empty and amoral political ideology.

    Frank Feeley