School board candidates appropriate school logo, flaunt their law-breaking

| 13 Oct 2021 | 05:51

    To the Editor:

    Even after the backlash they received when they sold their misprinted tee-shirts on school property, it seems certain candidates running for reelection still think the rules they have been entrusted to enforce don’t apply to them.

    It’s disturbing to see signs promoting Jessica Decker, Felicia Sheehan, Pam Lutfy, and Derek Smith blatantly using the Delaware Valley logo. Using the school logo is a direct violation of campaign rules. They know this and do it anyway.

    This is what happens when a few power-hungry fools let a volunteer position go to their heads. We are not fooled by their attempts to imply endorsement from the school. This is the same “coalition” of candidates that refused to reply to invitations to good faith forms and local debates.

    Where is the transparency? Where are the debates and open discussions? These candidates are under the illusion that the community supports them. Is this because only their “side” shows up to their grandstanding meetings, because no one else wants to be in a poorly ventilated room with them as they openly defy the mask mandate in the audience? Is that why they are not participating in any debates or open forums?

    We see them for what they really are, despite how much they try to hide. That is why I am voting for the Student Safety First Slate, and encourage everyone to do as well. Even if you do not agree with the slate’s candidates on all the issues, you know they will listen and consider the entire community. All this “coalition” has shown, is how they like to flaunt their law-breaking.

    Tricia Fry