School board's spending binge is financial suicide

| 07 May 2015 | 08:44

    To the Editor:
    I was appalled to read about the spending binge this school board and John Bell are so willing to undertake while the people suffer through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression! I want to applaud Jack O’Leary for his concern for the struggling taxpayer. There is nothing the children should be denied for their “education." Two hundred bleachers for swim spectators? How about a fundraiser for that one?

    This was no “Great Recession." It is a small and vicious ongoing Depression. You bounce back, usually stronger from Recession. The fact is, the taxpayer (in this area) for the most part is in worse shape than before, therefore making it all the more egregious to see such spending without regard to said taxpayer.

    My wife and I can here from New Jersey in 2002 for this exact reason. If we stayed in our recently bought dream home, we would have lost it eventually due to an all-consuming tax bill. What a dream Pike County seemed. We left with heavy hearts but saw a future here. I ask Mr. Bell, seeing as we have never had children, is it right to possibly force us to face the same decision we faced in 2002? At what point do the taxpayers just crumble under this mountain of debt you, the school board, and the unions are fine with? Perhaps if Mr. Bell wanted to donate half his base pay and forgo his generous perks for 10 years, that would show true concern. How about the rank and file? You are so handsomely paid compared to your fellow taxpayer, how about some give back before the next contract talks? How about the new governor gets serious with the legislature about real tax relief and not more “shuffling” of the pension time bomb?

    Let me close in saying this, it is paramount in times of deflation/depression to reduce debt and all levels of debt. To look to increase it, as seems to be the case with this current board and superintendent, is sheer madness. Financial suicide! We need to learn to do more with less.

    If the unions don’t get serious about their out-of-balance pensions and benefits, the depression will right the wrong. Would you rather have 50 percent of everything promised you? Or stick with the union, they will fight to the death for you and claim victory when they get you 100 percent of nothing. This is math kids, pure and simple. You stretch the rubber band too far, I will guarantee you one of two outcomes: it will either return to a state of rest, or break.

    Gerard Stewart Jr.