Sean treats everyone with dignity and respect, and takes his thankless job as mayor seriously

| 15 Oct 2021 | 04:57

    To the Editor:

    I write in support of the re-election of Sean Strub as Mayor of Milford. I have had a home in greater Milford since 1985 and moved here full time in 2007.

    I remember when Milford seemed headed in the wrong direction, with vacant and crumbling buildings, before Sean purchased and restored several properties, notably, the historic Hotel Fauchere. Since he came to town, and long before he became Mayor, in 2016, Sean has been a vital addition to the community. I believe his greatest achievement, working with the late Dick Snyder, was joining and fundraising for the Milford Enhancement Committee. The MEC, through community fundraising and grants, is responsible for the installation of the old-fashioned light posts and benches in town, as well as numerous safety and beautifying improvements to sidewalks and curbs, landscaping and our parks — all at no cost to local taxpayers.

    Sean’s ability to get community members involved is a terrific asset. Sean has been deeply involved in many community endeavors that have helped make this town more attractive and economically vibrant, including the Pike County Visitors Bureau, and our film, music and readers and writers’ festivals. As a result of Sean’s quiet marketing efforts, Milford has been featured in a number of newspaper and magazine stories as one of America’s best small towns. And if you have not seen the small film “My Friend the Mayor” on Amazon Prime, you should. Sean’s vision and leadership is a key reason why Milford still has that small town look and feel, which appeals to retirees and young people alike, and is also able to attract visitors and economic investment.

    Sean treats everyone with dignity and respect, and takes his thankless job as mayor seriously, working closely with the police and borough council. I urge you to register quickly, and vote for Sean if you have the right.

    With respect,

    Carol Witschel