Should Dems support Tonkin?

| 04 Aug 2015 | 05:59

To the Editor:
Why do politics need to be so nasty?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Democratic picnic at Akenac Park in Delaware Township, along with 40 or more warm friendly residents of Pike County who came together for the purpose of supporting the candidates who are running for office in the upcoming election. The celebration was to support the Democratic candidates.

Upon arrival, the uninvited Kelly Gaughan was parading around our picnic badmouthing Mr. Ray Tonkin. She had arrived early and was showing a mailer that had been used in the primary race by her opponent that would ultimately be considered distasteful to a group of Democratic supporters. Like the bully on the playground, Ms. Gaughan attempted to entice the group to withdraw their support of Tonkin, if, in fact, their plan was to vote for him. However, not once did I hear her say anything about what she was going to do or what her abilities are. She had come to "stir the pot," and stir she did. Then she marched off like a proud peacock as if she had done a good deed. I was appalled! How dare she "crash our picnic" and put a wedge between the guests that were there to have a good time in celebration. Our picnic had nothing to do with her and her race against the incumbent Mr. Tonkin.

In all fairness, Ray Tonkin was granted the privilege of being on the Democratic side of the ballot by receiving more write-in votes in the primary than Ms. Gaughan. It really is that black and white. Many more Democrats said "yes" to Tonkin.

I am very happy that this has occurred because now when our DA is elected in November it will be by all of the voting population of Pike County, Republican, Democratic and Independent, and not just a one-sided election.

A little reminder for those of you who may not be aware, I am Denise Degraw Fey and am asking for your vote for Pike County recorder of deeds. Diane Hinsen is running for Pike County auditor, Kelle Hankins is running for prothonotary, and Missi Strub is our incumbent auditor, once again asking for your votes.

You will see us at many of the local functions between now and Nov. 3. Please take a moment to say hello. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and we would love to get to know you. Remember that we work for you! Voting in November is like hiring someone to do an important job that needs a "facelift." We want your blessing to bring Pike County into the modern age. So many of the current procedures need updating and we could all use a few more smiling faces when we walk into the administration offices.

Denise DeGraw Fey