Sister Cities

| 22 Apr 2022 | 01:20

    Days of thundering surf

    And the sea’s finally at ease

    A full moon lays light

    Along the tide the beach dune grass

    And glows the trunks

    And tips of the palms

    Across the water

    An ignorant army

    With a history of domestic violence

    Pounds the hospitals and schools

    Sister cities

    Flesh of its own flesh

    The sea is calm tonight

    Country music drifts

    Down from the balcony above

    And someone’s cooking with curry

    No emergency vehicles wailing by

    And stocks seem headed

    For an all-time high

    But the shelling we see

    Hits too close to home

    Might as well be

    Pummeling loved ones up the coast

    Note: this poem references

    ‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold

    written in the 19th century

    Chuck O’Neil

    Poet Laureate of Milford