Stop harassing the community and its residents!

| 21 Oct 2021 | 09:11

    Dear Residents of Pike County:

    I am writing this letter to inform all of you who may not be on social media of what is happening in our community that should have you deeply concerned.

    Supporters of the student safety slate have been boycotting and now literally harassing business owners, including young workers, at their place of business for simply posting a sign of the candidates they support. Furthermore, they are blaming the unhinged behavior of such people on the business for posting the sign at all, as if they deserve what is happening to them.

    This same group of supporters, as proven by property cameras, trespassed a board member’s home, posting inappropriate signs solely with the intention to intimidate.

    This same group of supporters has decided to try and sue our school district over the mask mandate, after unsuccessfully appealing to the state who implemented the mandate and all of its rules in the first place. The current board is following the mandate the way it was written, as are the parents who choose to opt their children out for various concerning reasons, and because they don’t agree, they attack.

    They have shown zero compassion for the children that regardless of what some studies say, tell us for example, they cannot breathe well or suffer from severe headaches, daily. They continue to slander anyone and any business that opposes their beliefs and then put the blame squarely on those same folks, as if their appalling behavior is somehow justified. There is no doubt that finger pointing and bullying seems to be a theme in this country and has now landed here in our community.

    Covid is spreading, mask or no mask, vaccinated or unvaccinated, and Delta has changed the course of this pandemic so comparing numbers from this time last year is not an accurate comparison. They are blaming all things Covid on the current Board and the parents that support them which is just illogical. The majority of kids at school are still masked, so what are they really trying to achieve in all of this?

    Neither side is perfect and we all feel passionate about what we think is best for our children and this community, but this level of behavior should never be tolerated, no matter what side you are on. We deserve better.

    Please show your support on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and vote for Pam Lutfy, Jessica Decker, Felicia Sheehan, and Derek Smith.

    Bill Nagle