Stop the book banning madness

| 01 May 2023 | 07:03

To the Editor:

Book banning in our libraries has become the new standard these days. A group called Moms for Liberty is in hot pursuit of getting books banned and classroom discussions on race, gender, and sexuality removed. Bigotry against sexual minorities is a way fascism takes root. As you will recall, book banning and burning was prevalent in Nazi Germany in the twenties and thirties. We surely don’t want to go in that direction do we?

Students across our country are protesting in their school districts regarding the effects of classroom censorship. To counter this, students are forming Banned Book Clubs. They have the right to speak out and protest in and outside of school and use social media to their advantage. When adults ban books they attempt to silence ideas that seem unfamiliar to them, concepts they’re afraid to confront. Reading allows us to learn about our society and the world we will one day be responsible for navigating.

According to a recent Gallup poll 80 percent of parents are somewhat or completely satisfied with their own children’s public education. So, with that being said, in the upcoming primary in Pike County I am supporting for the Delaware Valley School Board Brian Carso and Rosemary Walsh, who will unite to maintain the school’s high level of education and learning.

John Hahn