Support Matt Cartwright and the future of our children’s education

| 02 Sep 2020 | 05:28

    To the Editor:

    As someone who spent 25 years as a classroom teacher and school administrator, I am particularly concerned about the impact that the coronavirus has had and will continue to have on student learning. Thankfully, our Congressman, Matt Cartwright, is committed to advocating for federal funding that empowers school districts to create a safe learning environment for all students and educators.

    While every community faces different challenges as classes resume, the Congressman has prioritized legislation that will provide over $60 billion in rural broadband development this year so every student can have access to remote learning regardless of zip-code. He also voted to pass the HEROES Act, which would ensure schools have funding for educational technology, sanitation for classrooms and transportation, and school-based counseling support for students and families affected by the pandemic.

    Nothing is more important to any community than the education of its children, and for that reason I urge all voters, regardless of political party, to support Matt Cartwright in November’s election.

    Nancy Schoenleber

    Milford Borough