Thank you, DV school board members, for your time, your caring, and all of your efforts

| 17 Mar 2021 | 03:57

To the Editor:

We’d like to take a few minutes to thank the Delaware Valley School Board for their time and tireless efforts working for the students and staff of our School District. We recognize that they are volunteers with full-time careers outside the district and that participation on the school board requires no small contribution of their time.

We’re very thankful that our children are able to be in school, face-to-face with their teachers, on a full-time basis, which research is showing is the healthiest option for our children. While there have been a handful of positive Covid-19 cases in each school, which is to be expected with any virus, we have not seen outbreaks of the magnitude that some of our neighbor districts operating with a hybrid model have, which have required them to go fully remote for extended periods.

The board went above and beyond offering choices to each family so that they can do what is right for them. Aside from the challenges that we have all faced during the last year, we also appreciate the thoughtful dialogue and creative problem solving that we witness among the board at each meeting. The members have built a truly collaborative board who respect and support one another.

We are fortunate to be part of a district where questions are fully vetted and suggestions respectfully discussed. Thank you, again DVSD board members, for your time, your caring and all of your efforts.

Yours very sincerely,

The Dingman Delaware Middle School PTA Board

Julie Krause

Carrie Ann Magill

Stacy Mosser

Janeal Fraggetta

Christine Agron