Thank You Greater Pike Community Foundation

| 26 Jun 2024 | 01:16

    On behalf of the Milford Borough Council, I wish to give my thanks to the Richard L. Snyder Fund through the Greater Pike Community Foundation for their generous grant award to help with the restoration of Biddis and Kiehl Park in the center of Milford Borough. Funds provided by the grant allowed us to clean and restore the monuments in each park, add accessible sidewalks, and provide refreshed landscaping to both areas.

    The Greater Pike Community Foundation continues to be a major contributor to the beautification of Pike County. The benefit to both locals and tourists can be seen through the thousands of visitors we receive to our parks, restaurants, and businesses throughout the year.

    Thank you GPCF for your on-going support of keeping Pike County the gem that it is!

    Maria G. Farrell, Vice President

    Milford Borough Council Parks and Recreation Chair