Thanks to the school board for defending teachers

| 01 Dec 2021 | 06:25

    To the Editor:

    We would like to thank the Delaware Valley school board, particularly Jack Fisher and Brian Carso, for defending teachers against statements made at the last board meeting.

    During public comment, a statement was made that compared Delaware Valley Education Association members to the Gestapo for following school directives. It is disappointing and disheartening to see anyone minimize the atrocities of the Holocaust and the horrific loss of life by referring to anyone as the Gestapo.

    As we are dedicated to providing quality education and ensuring our students and their families feel welcomed, we are making a donation to the Mark Schonwetter Holocaust Education Fund. Founded by a Holocaust survivor who settled in New Jersey, their mission is to help increase access to materials and funding to public schools to facilitate quality education surrounding all aspects of the Holocaust. We encourage community members to also donate to this cause at

    Kayla Troast

    Delaware Valley Education Association