The immeasurable kindness of blood donors has allowed me to enjoy the holidays with my family

| 21 Dec 2021 | 06:41

    When I was able I donated blood often. It always made me feel good thinking in some way I was helping someone. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. I needed a transfusion. What a mind blowing experience to think I was on the receiving end of what I previously thought was a small gesture to help another person.

    To all of you blood donors out there and those who are thinking of donating, what you may think is a “little” something you can do to help another person is by no means “little.”

    It brought tears to my eyes while receiving a very kind person’s blood ( as well as now, trying to express it in words) to think someone I don’t even know saved me from getting extremely ill or possibly worse. A million plus thank you’s!

    My gratitude and prayers are with every one of you. Your act of kindness is immeasurable and has allowed me to enjoy the holidays with my family. What a gift!

    Thank you more than you can imagine.

    Pat Bilney

    Stillwater, N.J.