‘The nation owes Matt Osterberg ... a huge debt of gratitude’

| 26 Apr 2023 | 04:44

    I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the cutting-edge work Pike County Commissioner Matt Osterberg has done in saving lives from the deadly opioid epidemic.

    Due to his leadership, Pike County became the first county in the entire nation to have a retail pharmacy set up a drug take-back box for public use.

    This leadership not only saved many lives of Pike County citizens, it saved countless lives across America by setting an example that the thousands of other counties around the nation could follow.

    Matt demonstrated that, despite popular belief at the time, this major achievement (drop-boxes in pharmacies) actually could be accomplished.

    The nation owes Matt Osterberg, and due to his leadership, Pike County, a huge debt of gratitude.

    As Pennsylvania’s first Secretary of the Department of Drug & Alcohol Department (2012-2017), I learned that our ultimate success in reducing drug and alcohol addiction and the suffering it causes, depends on strong leadership at the county level. There is no stronger leader in fighting this epidemic than Matt Osterberg.

    I remain grateful to Matt, for his courageous and visionary leadership. I’m thrilled that he is running again for re-election.

    I have no doubt that Team Osterberg and Schmalzle will continue to carry the torch and lead Pike County in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

    Matt and Ron truly care about Pike County and I am absolutely sure their vast experience, many accomplishments and significant contributions to Pike County will be supported on May 16. I encourage the voters in Pike County to keep Matt Osterberg and his running mate, Ron Schmalzle as Pike County Commissioners. They have my whole-hearted support.

    With appreciation and respect,

    Gary Tennis